Grey Bruce Mental Health Court Support Services

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Who are we?
Court Support Services is sponsored by the Canadian Mental Health Association, Grey Bruce and places mental health professionals in the court houses of Grey and Bruce counties. Case managers also serve clients for follow up for up to one year in the community after charges come before the court.

Who do we serve?
Court Support Services serves people who have a serious mental illness, and/or developmental disability or acquired brain injury who are charged with a criminal offence. They must be 16 years of age or over and the offence must have taken place in Grey or Bruce counties.

What do we do?
There are four services offered through this program:

Court Diversion - This is a post charge, pre trial procedure where Crown Attorneys can, at their discretion, decide not to prosecute persons accused of minor offenses. Minor offences are those such as theft, fraud, false pretences, mischief to property, cause disturbance, joyriding, possession of stolen property. Diversions are applied for through this service.

Case Management - Case management is offered to those who have been approved for diversion and will be offered service for the length of the diversion. These services are also offered voluntarily to persons who are not eligible for diversion and who do not have case management already through the mental health teams. They will be offered service until they can receive team service.

Court Support and Consultation - The Mental Health Court Worker can provide referral information and aid to access community services or support them through the court process. They also provide consultation to the court with respect to individuals with mental health issues.

Release Planning - A release planner works with incarcerated individuals to develop a successful transition plan. The plan will put in place supports which will help reduce recidivism for released individuals. These may include supportive housing, medication or medical monitoring, substance abuse counselling, family contacts or continuing case management among others.

Can we help you?
Anyone can make a referral including the charged person. There is no cost for this service. Contact 519-370-0030(Grey),   519-901-0899 (Bruce) or 519-371-3642.

Contact Information
c/o Canadian Mental Health Association, 1024 2nd Avenue East Owen Sound, ON N4K 2H7
Phone: 519-370-0030 (Grey), 519-901-0899 (Bruce)
Fax: 519-371-6485
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